´╗┐Grizzly Bears- Friend or Foe.....Or Both

Grizzly bears are a very interesting species, also quite deadly, or are they?
"When he steped into the clearing he didnt snarl and show me how big he was, he just came right at me." said Robert Miller, grizzly bear survivor. He's right, grizzly bears are completely ruthless, but not all of them. Some people keep domesticated Grizzlys as house pets. Yes some grizzly bears are friendly, but not all of them. If frightened they will atack. They are located in the northwestern part of Canada and in Alaska. most encounters are during hikes through the woods. Most atacks are the peoples fault, but that doesn't mean you should go hugging them like your bed time teddybear.(Yes i know you have one.)

Cuddly friend.....or viscous foe. You decide.