Polar Bears Up Close

The polar bear is the worlds largest carnivore. The hunting of polar bears remains important in the culture of Arctic people.
"The largest land carnivore is polar bear," said an Arctic resident. "You can find polar bears in Arctic Circle," said a sixth grader. The teacher explained further," Arctic people hunt polar bears as part of their culture.
Polar bears are gigantic creatures. It is nice to watch the polar bears. Hunting of polar bear can be dangerous.
There are other land carnivores, but polar bears leads being the longest ones. Polar bears can be found even in the Arctic Circle surroundings.
The polar bears habitat have been affected by oil spill in Arctic . The polar bear hunting has gone down and that has low income for some.
Polar bears are a gift to the Arctic. Their distinctive apperance have made polar bears popular icons.
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By: Tabrez S. Khan