The Sky is Not Falling

Ever seen a comercial to save polar ice caps? It's worst than the usual but is not as bad as you think."It has been a crazy winter with Artic ice cover growing and very cold weather in nother Europe and eastern America linked to this strongly negative Artic Oscillation"said Mark Serrenze,director of the National Snow and Ice Data Center.The Artic Ocillation usally acts like a ring of strong winds circulating anti-clockwise around the North Pole to dam up cold Artic air.Lately it has turned "negative", meaning the ring has broken down, allowing blast of cold air to escape, freezing oceans to make more glaciers.
45th Vice President and enviroment activist Al Gore's "The ice is melting!" rant deserves as much attention as Chicken Little's "The sky is falling!".Chicken Little was trying to help , the pupose of global-warming activist is to set up a energy-regulating global goverment and international carbon-trading market worth billions.Which means when you buy recycle stuff and use alternative energy they get money.
I am not saying to trow trash to the ground or use WAY too much hair spray.I just saying that if you waste a little too much gas in your car it won't kill a polar bear.

By: Melissa Parra

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File:2007 Arctic Sea Ice.jpg
File:2007 Arctic Sea Ice.jpg