White Fluffy Polar Bears

Polar Bears are the largest bears there is. They are also a part of wildlife, and nature. " Food, Seals are their favorite food, mainly the ringed seal. Their white fur helps the bear sneak up on seals that are laying on the ice. In the Summer the Polar Bear eats plants and berries. In the late Autumn season the bears go along the coastline looking for dead whales and walrusses." Says Connie Barclay. Polar Bears live in the Artic the do not stay in one place they usually move around, and travel across the snow and ice looking for food, and swim far out in the water. They are the largest bears in the world. The adults weigh 500-1300 pounds. Males are larger then Females. Polar bears fur can also be white to yellow all year round. Polar Bears are part of Canada just like Syrup, Mooses, Winter and more.

By: Mattie Pierdon & Ann Haitta :) polar_1a.jpg

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